In the old days, In middle east, Mail carrier pigeons were called Varqa because they carried sheets. This is the basis of naming this messenger.
But what is this Varqa, I talking about it now...
Varqa is a free and open source messenger created by Folk inc, blank of any media files such as photos and videos and so on. Just plain text.
You know we are in the bad period. It fills the cyber space with nonsense and now It can't be that human didn't have messenger anymore, and if you have it, it's a risk
But Varqa is doing something that only some adults can send some files to the some groups. God willing.
Varqa has been created with a personal budget, and its web client is in everyone's hands on the Internet, and don't worry, it will doesn't steal your information. Because it doesn't have this feature at all. You say no, go read its code in this link.
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Banner of Varqa: Open Pure Security Speed.
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